"...there is a real need in Medicine to try and replace general statements such as "high risk" and "good chance" with well validated, quantitative estimates of probability, such as we have with Down's syndrome screening. This model for predicting the outcome of IVF has exploited a valuable collection of routinely collected data, applies sophisticated statistical modelling and the output provides women considering IVF with an understandable and quantitative estimate of their chances of success. Its a great resource.... "Professor Gordon Smith,
Cambridge University

"...There is real value in this exercise.  Patients can analyse their individual chances of success using the best data available – with the security of knowing the data derive from a vast and comprehensive database.  The analyses take into account the most relevant information and provide a strong tool for prediction of chances of live birth. Some clinics may consider that they perform better than the predictions indicate, but in reality most clinics success rates are consistent with the UK average (HFEA data), and therefore the predictions will apply to the overwhelming majority of patients, and clinics...."Professor Richard Fleming,

"... we were considering donor eggs and IVFpredict helped us make a difficult choice..."

"...Fantastic and simple to use, helped me decide to continue with IVF..."IVF patients

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A Few Words About Us

Professor Scott Nelson is the Muirhead Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the University of Glasgow and an international expert in IVF.

His research aims to understand and improve the health of women and their offspring throughout their reproductive life span. He is directly involved in looking after patients in Scotlan's two largest and most succesful IVF units.

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Professor Debbie Lawlor is the Professor of Epidemiology at Bristol University and an international expert in translational research.

Debbie's research is underpinned by her interest in understanding how biological (including genetic), social and environmental exposures from across the life course affect the risk of chronic disease in adulthood and how, therefore, appropriate prevention of these conditions can be achieved.

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Dr Tom Kelsey is a Lecturer at the University of Saint Andrews, and an international expert in mathematical models for biomedicine.

Tom, together with his colleague Dr Chris Jefferson, were instrumental in developing the online calculator and smartphone apps.

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Our Advantages

  • Understand the need for accurate
    patient counselling
  • Appreciate the need for simple
    mathematical models
  • Established distinguished academics
  • Accustomed to the needs of IVF patients
  • Understand the clinical complexities of IVF
  • Provide accurate evidence based consults